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Belgium 2008 | Run Time: 102 min. | Language: Dutch

Director: Christophe van Rompaey


The Black Balloon Poster

Ordinary Matty has nothing but three kids to her name. She works at the post office, her husband has run off to the bedroom of one his students. At forty-three life is pretty hopeless. Then she gets in a fender-bender at the grocery story with twenty-nine year old Johnny. After some harsh words, Johnny finds himself enamored with Matty, who finds that she likes being wanted, and decides to take a chance on Johnny. A romance ensues just as the wandering husband comes home. Now Matty finds she is the center of attention. Matty must choose to settle back into the life she was leading or to break into something new and step into the unknown. This heart-felt movie is covered in subtle humor making the story like a well made meal. Films' Website


LA Times - Film Review by Kenneth Turan (Video)


Moscow, Belgium’s theatrical run played in over fifty locations nationwide including theaters in New York, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Detroit, Austin, Baltimore, Atlanta, Seattle, Chicago, Denver, Portland, Minneapolis, Philadelphia Boston and San Francisco.











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Cast & Crew

Director: Christophe Van Rompaey winner of 12 various film festival awards including such festival as Brussels International Film Festival and WorldFest Houston. The most recent win being Semaine de la critique in Cannes with “Moscow, Belgium”.

Writers: Jean-Claude van Rijckeghem,Pat van Beirs

Cast: Barbara Sarafian(8 ½ Women, CQ) , Jurgen Delnaet(Witse: De regel van drie TV SERIES), Johan Heldenbergh(Witse: Het Onbekenende lijk TV SERIES), and Anemone Valcke a burgeoning new star.

Producers: Jean-Claude Van Rijckeghem also the writer of Moscow, Belgium has a number of films that he has both written and producer, namely A Perfect Match.

Music: Tuur Florizoone

Director of Photography: Ruben Impens


Awards and Quotes

" Passionate and Impulsive....
....the movies steady attention to details lends it a texture rarely found in films..."

NY Times

One of the most realistic onscreen love stories."

Time Out New York

"A pleasing alternative to the season's Oscar-baiting movies"

V.A. Musetto, New York Post


"A knockout performance from....Barbara Sarafian"



"Packed with plenty of drama, laughs and sentimental charm"

Jordan Mintzer, Variety



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